August 13, 2019.
Kim & Noe Will Be Okay is not about the Aliengate conspiracy.
---0020 - Late January, 2019.
In the hostel KIM is staying at. At a table, she's quietly eating something from a bowl. Next to her are sat two bearded men.
BEARDED MAN 1: It's really kind of incredible how consistently the aliens just... missed.
BEARDED MAN 2: Did they miss, or were they just, like, all aiming away from buildings and landmarks?
BEARDED MAN 2: Well, that's what the Aliengate people are saying online.
In a realtor's office. NOE is at a computer, while, next to her, a moustached man in a suit is looking into the distance exasparatedly.
NOE: Too big. Too small. Too many rooms. Not enough rooms. Way too many windows. Thiis is just a rectangle.