Q: How is the name Noe pronounced?
A: In our case, NO-ee.

Q: Some of the early strips are titled But Not Tomorrow. What's up with that?
A: It's the original working title for the strip, and I was happy with it for the thing I would've implied was hanging over the strip -- the original final line for the sixth strip was "But not tomorrow." I changed it at the last minute, a day before I originally intended to launch, when I decided I didn't-- Well, that I didn't like that implication, and that I'd much rather make the title a different, more positive promise to the reader.

Edited comics

Occasionally, I might make small changes to strips that have already been up for a while. It's rare that these would meaningfully change the story, but the difference might make some things a little clearer.

Deleted scenes

Here's some strips that were scrapped before they ran -- usually for pacing reasons, or because they didn't fit the tone I was going for, or just because I was unhappy with the script.

  • This one would've gone between the sixth strip and what is now the the seventh strip. I cut it because I didn't feel like it was a good enough gag, and because it didn't add anything to the story that couldn't be achieved by just cutting to the next scene.