July 16, 2019.
Welcome back.
---0013 - The morning of January 1, 2019 - De Oude Keizer
Noe sits on, while Kim stands in front of the restaurant's counter. The owner is standing behind the counter, making a dismissive hand motion. A TV is showing the news.
Owner: Pah, they were just a couple of peanut butter sandwiches.
Closer on the TV, we see the news are showing a portrait-orientation cellphone picture of Noe, not long before the first strip, holding up her gun and smiling. A snapchat-style caption reads: Was just on the roof, when suddenly...
A graphic at the bottom of the screen reads, in big black letters: World saved?
KIM, off-screen: And crisps!
Owner, off-screen: Those are on the house, too.