March 27, 2019.
You would imagine there were a lot of details left out of this story, having been told entirely in the time it takes to make two peanut butter sandwiches.
---0012 - The morning of January 1, 2019 - De Oude Keizer
Two plates on a table, each with two neat peanut butter sandwiches on them. Scattered between the two plates are some crisps, and two red bags of crisps.
NOE: And that's when I attached the grappling hook to the alien ship, jumped, and you yelled at me.
The unnamed owner of the restaurant is sat at a table with KIM and NOE.
Owner: So, do you think it's over? The attack?
KIM and NOE look at each other and smile.
KIM: You know what, yeah, I do.
The light above them flickers on, in an animated panel.
Owner: Oh, hey.